30TH - 3RD NOVEMBER 2017


for Women in or Aspiring Leadership skills advancement


Dr. Moana Vercoe

Dr. Moana Vercoe has over ten years’ experience managing cross functional consulting, evaluation and research project teams in universities and in the private sector. She served as program director for the first neuroeconomics laboratory in the United States. She has worked on projects examining the psychology of market bubbles, the interrelationship between self-esteem and interpersonal trust in supporting market development in post-conflict societies, and the limitations of transplanting financial and political institutions from western into developing societies.


Dr. Vercoe earned her Doctorate of Philosophy in Political Science and Economics, with emphases in Economic Behavior and International Political Economy. Although her MBA concentrations were Finance and Evaluation, Dr. Vercoe studied under management guru, Peter F. Drucker. A trained forensic accountant, she holds the National Diploma of Accountancy of New Zealand as well as certification from the New Zealand Institute of Management. Her accounting analysis has been used in civil litigation involving multi-national corporations.

Dr. Vercoe has served as evaluation consultant for government agencies and non-profit organizations evaluating policies, projects, and organizational performance. Her work has highlighted inequalities in service provision through the analyses of state and local government budgeting. Dr. Vercoe acted as expert witness in litigation examining economic development, distance and voting rights. Her regulatory analysis has contributed to changes to state legislation that will facilitate greater efficiency in evaluating the performance of law enforcement. Dr. Vercoe has presented our work to the Defense Intelligence Agency and submitted analyses to the US Human Right’s Commission. She serves as advisor to nonprofit organizations and tribal governments on policy recommendations, litigation, and developing a regional strategy for relationships with the federal and state government. 

Hanan Gamali, CAHRI, MCIPD, CHRM™

Hanan Gamali is an accomplished business orientated senior HR Leader with over 20 years of international HR experience gained in a variety of industries in the UAE and Australia. Many of the senior positions Hanan has held have been in highly complex organizations undergoing significant change or transformation, allowing her to play a pivotal role during challenging internal restructures, projects and industrial relations issues. Hanan is an experienced change agent with a demonstrated track record of setting up HR functions, restructuring and transforming traditional HR departments into value adding high performance HR teams committed to excellence. Hanan has delivered numerous best practice human resource training programs in Australia, UAE, Africa, Asia and Europe and is also the author and facilitator of the IABFM Certified Human Resources Manager program which is run globally. Hanan is the Managing Director of 3 Step HR, a consultancy that focuses on Performance Engagement and Development

Course Overview

People need leaders that motivate, inspire and develop them. They want authentic leaders who identify and reward commitment and achievement.


In short they need leaders that lead. Leadership is the decisive ingredient in the modern, dynamic, successful businesses. Without great leadership, businesses will never unlock the power of their employees. Projects will never leverage optimum results and profits will never reach the levels of the global best. As businesses grow and develop, leadership becomes the key to business success, the key to cultural brilliance and the driver of personal success, authority and power. Ask yourself a question: Why should people follow you? There great leaders to be found in many businesses, become one of those great leaders now.


By attending this interactive course you will be equipped with the following skills to:

  • Recognize the value of great leadership to the success of your career, your team and your business
  • Develop and demonstrate your personal leadership ethos and style
  • Develop the drive and energy to achieve exceptional results
  • Leverage relationships to generate individual, team and business achievement
  • Drive continuous improvement by raising performance standards of those around you Develop an action plan that will drive, change, and improve your leadership effectiveness.


  • What is Leadership?
  • Why exceptional leadership matters
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Leadership style
  • Strategic vision and direction
  • Leadership Communication
  • Leadership in action
  • Planning, organisation and control
  • Team Leadership and management
  • Driving performance
  • Leader as coach
  • Leader as change agent
  • Inspiring Leadership

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