Masterclass In Pension Fund Management


Dr. Tefera T. Beyene

Dr. Beyene has more than 20 years of experience in the areas of management, accounting, finance, and taxation. He has Corporate, Government, and Oversees experience. Most of his tax accounting; tax treatment and structure of sophisticated financial instruments experience gained from his tenure with the State of Illinois Department of Revenue and with the IRS Financial Products Specialists division. 

Dr. Beyene is an adjunct Professor for many universities and teaches accounting, finance, and economics courses.

Dr. Beyene is a President & founder of International Finance Training Institute LLC , providing training in all areas of finance, accounting, and economics. Additionally, he conducts training programs and administrates examination for American Academy of Financial Management

Dr. Beyene earned his PhD in Applied Management & Decision Sciences concentration in Accounting from Walden University. He also holds a Master of Business Administration degree with double concentration in Accounting & Finance from Dominican University.

He is a licensed Certified Public Accountant in the state of Illinois. Dr. Beyene is a member of the American Academy of Financial Management (AAFM) and holds the Certified Chartered Economist and Chartered Wealth Management certifications.

He is also a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA); American Accounting Association (AAA); and the National Association of Credit Management (NACM) and holds the Credit Business Associate certification.

About our Program

This course is based on practical applications of pension management, analysis, risk management, investment, retirement planning, financial planning, insurance, and pension portfolio management. - All our delegates always receive pre-event questionnaire to enable this course to be more focused on specific training needs of the attending delegates

This 3 Days Course will cover:

  • - Define the meaning of pension for your organization and be capable of developing an organizational response to its demands
  • - Your entitlements and how they are calculated
  • - How and when it will be paid
  • - What options of payments are available
  • - Accounting for Pension Plan
  • - Impact of Interest rate and Inflation on retirement investments
  • - Component of Pension expenses
  • - Reporting requirement of pension plans onto financial statements
  • - Expected postretirement benefit obligations , benefit cost
  • - Measurement of benefits from a pension plan, service cost and its measurements
  • - Understand the regulatory requirements for pension plan
  • - Understand the implications of sound pension system in attracting and retaining the most skilled work force
  • - Learn the factors that affect retirement planning and post-retirement benefits

Who should attend?

Trustees, Directors, Heads of Funds, Chief Investment Officers: Fund Managers, Principle Officers, Fund Administrators, Human Resource Managers, Employee Benefits, Manager: Employee Benefits, Investment Managers, Asset Managers, Benefit Administrators, Head of Alternative Investments, Portfolio Managers, Pension Fund Risk Managers, Pension Risk Assessors, Pension Lawyers, Legal Pension Advisors, Executive Boards of Funds, Financial Risk Managers, Pension Fund Communication Professionals, Member Distribution Managers, Financial Analysts……and anyone that forms part Pension Fund Management.



Dear Delegate, Pension is the most complex and difficult area and it requires in depth training tlearn both the investment strategies and the regulatory aspects teffectively manage the plan. Thus, this course is intended tshed light in this area. Some of the areas that we will address are listed as follows:

What is retirement plan, Why retirement plan, Types of retirement, Why retirement funding, Why we need reform, Why estate planning, Plan asset investment, Plan asset investment, Plan asset insurance and risk management, Understanding the global pension crises, structure of pension plan, Pension regulations, Pension fund regulations, Pension fund management, Post-retirement benefits

Overview of pensions and postretirement benefits

  • - What is a pension plan?
  • - Your entitlements and how they are calculated;
  • - How and when it will be paid;
  • - What options on payments are available;
  • - Accounting for pension plan;
  • - Impact of interest rate on retirement investment;
  • - Impact of inflations on retirement investment;
  • - Components of pension expenses;
  • - Reporting requirement of pension plans ontfinancial statements;
  • - Expected post-retirement benefit obligations;
  • - Post-retirement benefit cost;
  • - Measurement of benefits from a pension plan; Service cost and its measurement
  • - Why and how pension schemes invest
  • - Investments used by pension schemes
  • - Varieties of investment management
  • - What is important when monitoring investment performance
  • - New pension design techniques
  • - Compliance issues

Retirement benefits and protection

  • - Social security benefits and the requirements that must be met tobtain those benefits
  • - Personal financial planning including retirement planning and its advantages
  • - Asset allocation and diversification (investment ) tmaximize retirement benefits
  • - Tax management tmaximize retirement benefits
  • - Insurance and risk management with respect tprotection retirement benefits
  • - Trusts; trustee duties, powers, and responsibilities; financing pension schemes; valuing assets and liabilities; key investment responsibilities; reporting by and tthe trustees
  • - Trust decision making; managing delegates; trustee communications; conflicts of interest; employer relationships
  • - Merits of contract versus trust; how tselect and review providers; selecting a default fund; members and ranges of default funds available; monitoring and switching; communication; governance; risk; administration; processes at retirement

Qualified Retirement Plans

  • - Overview
  • - Types
  • - Employer pension plans
  • - Eligibility and participation requirements
  • - Define benefit plans: Fixed benefit plans; flat benefit plans; and unit benefit plans
  • - Defined contribution plans: profit sharing plans; stock bonus plans; employee stock ownership plan; and target benefit pension plan
  • - Pension trust

Pension Plan Africa

  • - Overview
  • - Government mandated pension plans
  • - Other types of pension plans
  • - Payout rules
  • - Eligibility Requirements
  • - Benefits / Distributions
  • - Financial implications and taxation – getting the most out of your retirement investments

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