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We are proud to be developing the people who hire  talent  in  organizations. Most  people  don’t understand the far-reaching impact  of  decisions they make at the hiring table. Hiring the wrong person into a critical position has drastic consequences to the business, but so is missing out  on  the  right  person. LiCP is a Certification Program for you if you are responsible for hiring key talent, whether, you are a Corporate HR Executive, Business Executive, or Recruitment Consultant with an external Firm. The 3-day Program blends classroom training with rigorous practicals and assessments. We certify only those that pass LiCP Assessments, because only they can  successfully  signature-manage  the  hiring
process of the right talent.

A Lead Interviewer Is the person who…

  • Develops the Hiring Framework for the Job & Role;
  • Specifies the Hiring Process, Hiring KPIs & Standards  
  • Profiles the Organization - Business, Agenda & Brand
  • Profiles the Job - Purpose, Deliverables and KPIs
  • Identifies Catchments with High Potential Candidates
  • Develops the Recruitment Communications Core Message
  • Develops Selection, Interviewing & Questioning Framework
  • Specifies Predispositions of Fit & Predictors of Success
  • Lead Interviewing Process - Panel Briefing & Debriefing
  • Finalize Engagement & On-Boarding During 1st  100 Days

Day 1


  • Hiring and the Talent Agenda
  • Organisational Profile - Mission, Business, Brand
  • Job Profile - Purpose, Delivery and KPIs

Day 2

  • Talent Catchments and their Profiles
  • Selection Framework, Criteria and Standards 
  • The Psychology of Interviewing

Day 3

  • Predispositions of Fit & Predictors of Success
  • Candidate Experience -The Journey Map 
  • Regulatory Compliance and Ethics in Hiring


  • Ecosystem - Hiring Stakeholder Management
  •  Executive On-Boarding Best Practices
  • Individual Assessments and Certification

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