Allaboard Africa and ABMC International are proud to deliver this unique Programme on building Strategic Skills for African corporate managers and leaders. As the title suggests, the Programme aims to develop managers into strategists who can think and act both strategically and creatively in response to  strategic opportunities and threats.

In  terms of  delivery, the Programme is intense, hands-on,  highly situational and case-based. Trainers and Facilitators draw heavily from African and global experiences to deliver a  turnkey  strategy  programme  for  delegates. The Programme is Certified by the Global Academy for Finance and Management (GAFM) and receives a seal of the International Board of Standards (IBS). Certified Managers are listed on  the  GAFM, Allaboard and ABMC International online Directories, with their areas of professional specialization specified.   

Day 1

  • Envisioning and Business Ideation
  • Strategic and Competitive Analysis
  • Strategic Intent and Modeling Strategic options

Day 2

  • The Strategy  Map  and a Balanced KPI Framework
  •  Enterprise Sensors – Analytics for Strategic Insight
  • The Business Operating Model

Day 3

  • Enterprise Behaviour  through Competitive Values
  • Segments, Propositions, Products/Services, Touchpoints
  • Strategic Footprint, Channel Strategy  & Touchpoints

Day 4

  • Competitiveness and Strategic Differentiators
  • Programming the  Strategy
  • Strategic, Tactical  and Quick Win Initiatives

Day 5

  •  Implementation Partner Strategy
  • Aligning Enterprise Capabilities to Strategic Agenda
  • Developing Strategic Roadmaps - Plans & Milestones


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Nairobi, Kenya - July
Kigali, Rwanda - August

Johannesburg, RSA  - September


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